Management concept



The management concept at Iraqi Youth Assembly (IYA) is based on the principle of “freedom of action with responsibility”. This principle offers the leader freedom of action within his or her field of responsibility. This competence is delegated from one’s immediate superior.

Freedom of action based on responsibility requires:

  • That the leader personally lives up to the basic values and standards of the organisation
  • That the leader loyally pursues the strategic goals; keeps budgets and works in accordance with the policies of the organisation and the individual departments, at any given time.
  • That the leader contributes actively to the overall development of the organisation
  • That the his/her management style is inclusive
  • That the leader quickly calls the attention of his/her immediate superior whenever problems or deviations occurs in relation to budgets, objectives and decision-making, in order to solve potential problems.
  • That the leader always complies loyally with decisions made, in both words and action
  • That the leader gives his or her best, most honest advice on a given question to his or her immediate superior