Vision and Values



No refugee must be in want of help to find protection and durable solutions. society must be in want of help to do so. We want to be the best problem-solver with regards to displacement and integration.

The Value Compass

Our set of values is the ethical stance of our organization put into words. In other words the ‘value compass’ is Iraqi youth Assembly (IYA) creed.

  1. Humanitarian approach – people’s right to a life with dignity takes precedence over politics and principles: Iraqi youth Assembly (IYA) insists on the right of the individual to receive humanitarian aid and on our right and duty to provide such aid, whenever we can. This means that advocacy, in some cases, must give way to our duty to help people where lives are at stake, but also that we will provide assistance, regardless of whether such an effort could be interpreted politically. Moreover, we insist on the right of the individual to use his or her own abilities to shape his or her own life with dignity, in interaction with others.
  2. Respect – for the equal rights of human beings: Iraqi youth Assembly (IYA) takes a rights-based approach to its work, nationally as well as internationally. Thus we work to ensure that displaced persons can enjoy the rights of protection and life opportunities offered to them in applicable conventions and laws – without any kind of discrimination. In Iraq and elsewhere we are working to ensure that authorities and the international community assume their responsibilities in interaction with people in distress, and we will assist them until they are able to manage these responsibilities themselves.
  3. Independence and neutrality – in regard to our surroundings: Iraqi youth Assembly (IYA) works entirely on the basis of its mandate. Thus, we focus on issues concerning refugees and displaced persons, remaining neutral when it comes to party politics. Furthermore, this means that in international conflict areas our humanitarian work is based on independence and neutrality in regard to the conflicting parties.
  4. Inclusion – of the people we work to help: Iraqi youth Assembly (IYA) wishes to carry out its initiatives while respecting and collaborating with the people we are trying to help, thereby ensuring that they are empowered by the collaboration. This means that we ask them to consent to our assistance and to participate in planning and implementation, as well as assessing outcomes. Moreover, it is characteristic of our collaboration with people in distress that we try to use and strengthen their abilities to cope without assistance in the future.
  5. Honesty and transparency – for all beneficiaries, donors, partners and others: Iraqi youth Assembly (IYA) is accountable to the people we help, those that support us and those with whom we collaborate. This means that we are honest and open about what we do and about the choices we make, when needs exceed our ability to provide help. Moreover, we strive for successful and responsible joint efforts with others.


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